We made the call to protect our community-

Here is how you can help us weather the storm.

We have decided that it is in the best interest of our community to shut down during the Coronavirus outbreak. This decision is devastating to us financially, and we will have many bills to pay while we wait for time to reopen, and recall our staff.

Please consider buying a “Future Pizza” from us. We will use this money to pay for utilities, rent, and expenses so that we can maintain our spaces during the hiatus. If we sell enough of them, we will consider bringing back a few employees to do a take out/delivery only operation at a later date, but only after a few weeks of improvement in spread, and only while maintaining strict social distancing protocols. We will be transparent, and share more details here, as we see what our expenses to maintain while closed will be.

Thank you for all the support for all the years at The Main Street Pizza Company Johnson City, and Kingsport, and at our newest pizza concept, County Line Pie in Chuckey, TN.

Future Pizza

Purchase a “Future Pizza” from us now, to enjoy in the future, and to ensure that we have a future, or select the option to simply donate $5 to our cause. Any Specialty Pizza $20, a future Pepperoni for $15, or a future Cheese for $12! When we open back up, you can come claim it anytime once we restore full dine-in service!


– Valid at both Main St Pizza locations or County Line Pie
– No expiration date
– Secure Checkout with PayPal

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